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Daikin offer high-quality hydraulic and energy saving products that excel within the demanding conditions of the industrial and manufacturing market. Micron Hydraulics is the UK authorized repair and distribution centre for Daikin and can refurbish any pump and motor throughout their entire range. We also carry a wide range of spare parts to do so in the quickest time possible. Where units have become obsolete we can manufacture and source parts to refurbish these units to a high warranted standard.
















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Eco-Rich Hybrid Power unit


Our extensive knowledge of hydraulic units and systems mean that we are able to cross reference any hydraulic unit that you currently have on your machines and replace them with Eco-Rich units.


Benefits of these units include:


- 50% to 70% saving on energy costs
- The unit costs similar price to a variable displacement piston pump
- Less waste oil
- 0.1 second motor response for required flow when hydraulic actuator operates
- Digitally programmable flow rate and pressure system
- Ability to adjust the pressure from 200psi to 1,000psi
- Runs 40% quieter than conventional hydraulic systems
- More durable and reliable gear pump and inverter motor operation system , for long life and durability

  • J-V15
  • J-VZ63
  • J-RP23           
  • J-KSO-G03
  • J-MQ-02
  • J-MP-02
  • J-MT-03
  • AKZJ 8 Series
  • J-V23
  • J-VZ80
  • J-RP38
  • J-MR-02
  • J-MQC-02
  • J-MPD-02
  • J-MC-03
  • J-V50



  • J-MB-02
  • J-MT-02
  • J-MR-03
  • J-MP-03
  • J-V70



  • J-MG-02
  • J-MTC-02P
  • J-MG-03


  • J-VZ50
  • J-RP15
  • J-KSO-G02
  • J-MGB-02
  • J-MC-02
  • J-MQ-03
  • AKZ 8 Series
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