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As of September 17, 2013, Sauer-Danfoss officially changed its name and brand, to begin operating as a member of the Danfoss Group. The Sauer-Danfoss business division will change its name to Danfoss Power Solutions and begin operating under the Danfoss brand.

A new name to be called by – but still the same people ready to deliver the same hydraulic and electrohydraulic solutions for your mobile machines.


DaikinNew Energy Saving Daikin Hybrid Products


Micron Hydraulics, as representatives of the Daikin hydraulic products range in the UK, are pleased to announce their new generation of hybrid products.

The EcoRich and the EcoRichR hybrid power units are designed for the machine tool and similar environments where continuous running is required and are currently favoured by Asian manufacturers. The features of these units include: a compact design, energy saving of up to 50% for the EcoRich and an additional 20% for the EcoRichR, high speed response and high torque and efficiency.

The Superunit is aimed at injection moulding and the general industrial sector.
The features of these units include: energy saving of up to 50%, an integral controller providing from four to sixteen pressure/flow rate setting patterns, all with full ramp in/out control, are available for system operation, low noise level, Superunit and main machine can be remotely controlled with the same panel and reduces shock when the flow rate or pressure is changed.

Efficiency savings are achieved by reducing motor speed, and therefore pump displacement, whilst still maintaining system pressure, instead of running the motor at full speed with the pump displacement reduced under stall conditions. The electric motor can respond from as low as 300 rpm up to maximum speed of 2950 rpm in approximately 0.2 seconds, dependant upon actual operating conditions.

The Intelligent Coolant Pump is aimed at large manufacturers especially in the automobile and automobile parts sectors. As coolant pumps normally occupy half the power consumption of a machine, any saving in power consumption is extremely beneficial. Generally, coolant systems use valves to adjust the quantity of coolant whilst the pump and motor are running at full displacement, and therefore maximum designed power. This power input is reduced by controlling the pump rotating speed to supply only the optimum amount of coolant with resultant energy savings of up to 40%.

There is also an Intelligent High Pressure Coolant Pump available if required.

The Oil Cooling Unit is aimed at the machine tool market. All machine tools benefit from a good oil cooling unit as accurate control of the headstock spindle and bearing temperature specifically improves surface roughness, accuracy and machine tool life.

The features of these units include: smallest size in the industry, energy saving of up to 20% by controlling oil coolant flows to match actual cooling requirements, precise temperature control typically +/- 0.5° Centigrade, new refrigerant type, low viscosity pump, low noise and quick delivery.

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