Micron Hydraulics Test Facilities

Micron Hydraulics hosts one of the most powerful and comprehensive pump and motor test facilities currently available. The test rig has been designed specifically for purpose, and has the
flexibility to test the majority of the major manufacturer`s products on the market to date.

This facility offers test conditions for hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves up to and beyond OEM specifications where required. With over 650KW of regenerated power available this facility exceeds that required to test the largest hydraulic pumps currently manufactured.

The two independent stations can test open circuit and closed loop transmission pumps, with sizes ranging up to 1000cc/rev at pressures exceeding 400 Bar. Our Motor test facilities allow for units up to 250 cc/rev to be dynamometer tested, which is more suited to motor controls.

Our continued investment in our test facility has seen the introduction of THE latest data acquisition system. Using all new flow meters and pressure transducers we can test from 0 – 1500 L.P.M and 0 – 600 bar of pressure. The fully computerized data acquisition hardware can scan up to 5000 scans/second and has 64 inputs for flow, pressure, temperature and speeds.

Pump and motor controls are set to customer or machine manufacturer specification regardless of complexity. Control types can include; electrical proportional control, power regulation, load sensing, pressure and flow compensation, torque control and speed regulators. Be it open, closed or semi-closed submersible circuit we have the facility to do this.

Micron Hydraulics understands the importance of getting all our repairs correct the first time. Stringent testing and quality control procedures combined with continued financial investment allow us to
do just that.


Technical telephone assistance or onsite presence is always available from Micron.

Our aim is to offer a QUALITY repair at a realistic price whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

All procedures carried out are done so via the most stringent quality procedures. Click to viiew our Quality Policy
Micron Hydraulics
Popular hydraulic pump and motor repairs:

- Atos
- Brueninghaus
- Cessna
- Charlynn
- Commercial
- Daikin
- Denison
- Dowty
- Eaton
- Fukushima
- Hamworthy
- Hagglund
- Hawe
- Hitachi
- Hydac
- Hydraulic Ring
- Hydromatik
- Komatsu
- Kawasaki
Micron Hydraulics
Micron Hydraulics - Test Facilities Micron HyMicron Hydraulics - Test Facilities Micron Hydraulics - Test Facilities Micron Hydraulics - Test Facilities Micron Hydraulics - Test Facilities Micron Hydraulics - Test Facilities Micron Hydraulics - Test Facilities
Micron Hydraulics
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