Fukushima Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair


Micron Hydraulics specialise in the repair and reconditioning of Fukushima  pumps and motors across their entire range. As these units have become obsolete we can source donor units,  manufacture and source parts to refurbish these units to a high warranted standard. Fukushima units are historically found in marine application (cranes and ships) and we have built up a solid understanding of them over our 30 years involvement within this industry.


Fukushima Pumps and Motors:















  • G17
  • G18
  • G19
  • G20
  • G420
  • G420 B
  • FG16
  • FG16
  • FG16a
  • FG170
  • FG170a
  • FG17
  • FG19
  • PC220
  • MA 10B
  • MA 10C
  • MA 8B
  • MA 8C
  • FMA 10
  • FGA 8B
  • MGA 8C
  • MG 16A
  • DG 17
  • DG 18
Micron Hydraulics

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Fukushima Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repair

We service, repair, refurbish, test and supply all Fukushima pumps and motors listed on the left.

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