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Micron Hydraulics specialise in the repair and reconditioning of Kawasaki pumps and motors across their entire range. In addition we carry an extensive range of spare parts to enable us to carry out the work in the quickest time possible. Where units have become obsolete we can manufacture and source parts to refurbish these units to a high warranted standard. Kawasaki have designed and developed a range of hydraulic pumps and motors specifically aimed at the mobile market. Many leading manufacturers are fitting the K3V & K5V series pumps to their excavators together with Kawasaki's varied range of hydraulic motors. The K3VG & K3VL series of pumps are fitted on many applications across a variety of industries.












  • K5V140DT
  • K5V140DTP
  • K3V112DP           
  • K3V112S
  • K5V140S
  • K3V140DT
  • K3V140DTP
  • K3V140S
  • K5V160DT
  • K2V160DTP
  • K5V160DP
  • K5V160S
  • K5V200DT
  • K5V200DTP
  • K5V200DP
  • K5V200S
  • K5V200DTH



  • K3V250DTH
  • K3V280SH
  • K3VL45
  • K3VL80
  • K3VL112
  • K3VL140



  • K3VG112
  • KRVG180
  • K3VG280
  • K3VG180DT
  • K3VG280DT


  • K3V63DTP
  • K580DT
  • K5V80DTP
  • K3V63S
  • K3V80S
  • K3V112DT
  • K3V112DTP
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